Interface Summary
Queryable Defines a Vizier catalogue which may be searched or downloaded.
VizierMode Defines one of the GUI options for selecting a Vizier catalogue to search.

Class Summary
BasicVizierMode Abstract Vizier mode which presents a pre-selected list of catalogues to query.
CatalogSaxHandler SAX content handler which can make sense of a VizieR query for catalogues.
CategoryVizierMode Vizier mode that allows the user to search for catalogues based on a provided list of known categories.
InfoItem Represents one of the static VizieR resources as obtained by the VizierInfo class.
MissionVizierMode VizierMode for queries of Mission catalogues.
SearchVizierMode Abstract VizierMode which presents a list of catalogues as selected in some way by other GUI actions of the user.
SurveyVizierMode VizierMode for queries of Survey catalogues.
VizierCatalog Constains all known information about a catalogue resource.
VizierInfo Can obtain information about VizieR service.
VizierTableLoadDialog TableLoadDialogue which directly interrogtes the VizieR catalogue service.
WordVizierMode Vizier mode that allows the user to search for available catalogues by free text keywords.

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