Interface Summary
CheckBoxStack.Annotator Defines how to get annotations for check box items.
ColumnDataComboBoxModel.Filter Determines what columns are acceptable for this model.
SubsetConsumer Does something useful with a table row subset definition.
TopcatCodec Defines encoding and decoding for TopcatModels in order to perform per-table session save/restore.
TopcatListener Listener interface for objects that want to notice changes in a TopcatModel.
TopcatToolAction Defines an action which will appear on the TOPCAT tool bar.
TypedListModel<T> Extends the ListModel interface with a generic type.
UrlInvoker Defines an action that consumes a URL.

Class Summary
AbstractSubsetQueryWindow A dialogue window which obtains information to define a new Row Subset and then appends it to the subsets list.
ActionForwarder ActionListener implementation which forwards all ActionEvents to a list of clients.
AlignedBox Utility class that extends Box so that added components are always considered to have a fixed alignment.
AuxDialog Application-style JDialog subclass.
AuxWindow Provides a common superclass for windows popped up by TOPCAT.
BasicAction Convenience class extending AbstractAction.
BasicCheckBoxList<T> Basic implementation of CheckBoxList.
BitsRowSubset A RowSubset which maintains the inclusion status of each row as a separate flag.
BooleanColumnRowSubset A RowSubset implementation based on a boolean column of a StarTable.
BrowserHelpAction Action which invokes help by attempting to display a page from the help document in a web browser.
CheckBoxList<T> JList subclass that adds a couple of features.
CheckBoxMenu A menu which contains only checkbox-type entries and has an associated ListSelectionModel.
CheckBoxStack A component containing a column of checkboxes representing a set of choices.
ClassComboBoxRenderer Custom combo box renderer for rendering Class objects.
Classifier<T> Categorises submitted data values by equality into a set of mutually exclusive groups.
Classifier.CountedValue<T> Aggregates a value and the number of times it has been submitted.
ClassifyReportPanel Panel for displaying the results of a classification of column contents.
ClassifyWindow Window for defining up a mutually exclusive group of subsets based on the values of a given table expression.
ColumnCellRenderer List cell renderer which will render StarTableColumn objects sensibly.
ColumnComboBoxModel Adaptor class which turns a TableColumnModel into a ComboBoxModel.
ColumnConverter Performs unit conversions on data values based on a given ValueInfo.
ColumnDataComboBoxModel ComboBoxModel for holding table per-row expressions.
ColumnIndexSpinner A JSpinner which can select the index of a new column.
ColumnInfoWindow A window which displays metadata about each of the columns in a table.
ColumnList List reflecting the TableColumn objects in a TableColumnModel.
ColumnSearchWindow Dialog window that allows the user to search for text content in cells of a column and highlight the corresponding rows.
ColumnSelector Allows selection of a column from a table which represents a requested kind of value.
ColumnSelectorModel Model for a ColumnSelector.
ConcatWindow Window for concatenating two tables.
ControlWindow Main window providing user control of the TOPCAT application.
Count Utility class for handling positive integers.
CurrentSavePanel SavePanel implementation for saving the current table.
DatalinkPanel Component that displays DataLink functionality of a table.
DatalinkWindow A window which displays the TopcatModel's table as a DataLink {links}-response table.
DemoLoadDialog Table load dialogue which presents some demonstration data.
DemoToolAction This is a template for a custom extension tool for use with the TOPCAT application.
DownloadDialog Provides a dialogue that disposes of a URL by downloading the resource to a location specified interactively by the user.
Driver Main class for invoking the TOPCAT application from scratch.
Executor Defines an object which can execute a system Process.
HelpAction Action which invokes help.
HelpWindow Window for displaying the help browser.
HtmlWindow Window which displays simple HTML.
ImageWindow Window which displays an image using AWT.
IntegerSubsetQueryWindow Subset query window class which requires from the user an integer.
IntSelector Some sort of component which allows the user to select an integer.
InverseRowSubset RowSubset implementation which provides the complement of a base set.
JList2 Contains two adjacent vertical JLists in the same component.
LineBox Layout utility component that places components in a horizontal Box.
LineFormatter Compact log record formatter.
LinkRowPanel Displays information and invocation options corresponding to a single row of a Datalink Links-response table.
ListModel2 ListModel implementation that represents the concatenation of two supplied constituent ListModels.
LoadingList List component which displays LoadingToken objects.
LoadingToken Object corresponding to a table currently in the process of being loaded.
LoadWindow Window which displays the main gui from which to load tables into the application.
LoadWorkerStack Component which displays a list of LoadWorker components, including their progress bars and cancel buttons.
LogConfig Utility methods for setting logging levels.
LogHandler Log handler which can provide a window displaying recent log events.
MenuSelector<T> Provides a menu item with a submenu that can select one of a given set of options.
MetaColumn This class describes columns in a table of metadata.
MetaColumnModel This ColumnModel provides enhanced functionality over a normal ColumnModel, aimed at making it easy to select which columns in a related TableModel are shown (appear in this ColumnModel) or not shown (don't appear in this ColumnModel).
MetaColumnTableModel Makes a TableModel out of a list of MetaColumn objects.
MetaColumnTableSorter Handles the GUI aspects of sorting a MetaColumnTableModel.
MethodWindow A panel displaying the static public methods of a set of classes.
MultiSavePanel Save panel for saving multiple tables to the same container file.
MultiSubsetQueryWindow Window that presents algebraic subsets for addition to multiple tables.
MultiSubsetQueryWindow.Entry Represents a subset to add.
NormaliseTable Wrapper table which ensures that all its contents have sensible types.
OptionsListModel<T> Provides storage for a list of options with listeners.
Outcome Indicates the outcome of a user-initiated action, typically an activation action.
ParameterDetailPanel Panel which displays the detail of a single table parameter value.
ParameterQueryWindow A dialogue window which queries the user for the characteristics of a new table parameter and then appends it to the parameter list.
ParameterWindow Top-level window which displays the parameters of a table.
PlasticStarTable A StarTable which is initialised from an existing table but can have columns added to it.
QueryWindow Abstract superclass for windows which are going to ask the user for some input.
RegistryDialogAdjuster Provides the necessary methods to customise one of the DalTableLoadDialog classes for use with TOPCAT.
ResourceIcon Handles the procurement of icons and other graphics for the TableViewer and related classes.
RestrictedColumnComboBoxModel Does a similar job as for ColumnComboBoxModel, but when only a subset of the available columns should show up in the combobox.
RowSubset Defines a selection of rows in a table model.
SavePanel Abstract superclass for component which interrogates the user about which tables to save.
SaveQueryWindow Window which allows the user to save one or multiple tables.
SaveTableQueryWindow QueryWindow which allows the user to save a normal table (not a TopcatModel) to disk.
Scheduler Schedules tasks to run conditionally on on the Event Dispatch Thread.
ServiceParamPanel Panel displaying ServiceDescriptor parameters, and offering the user the option to edit or supply their values.
SessionSavePanel SavePanel for saving a TOPCAT session.
SkyColumnQueryWindow Query window which allows the user to specify new sky coordinate columns based on old ones.
SortOrder Defines a sorting order for a table.
StatsWindow A window which displays statistics for a RowSubset in the table.
SubsetConsumerDialog Dialogue window which asks the user what to do with a newly created row subset.
SubsetWindow A window which displays currently defined RowSubsets for the current table, and offers various subset-related functions.
SuffixFileFilter File filter that matches according to filename suffix.
SwingHttpAuthenticator Authenticator for password-protected HTTP connections that pops up a dialogue asking the user for credentials.
SyntheticColumn A column which produces read-only values based on an algebraic expression.
SyntheticColumnQueryWindow A dialogue window which queries the user for the characteristics of a new column and then appends it to the table.
SyntheticRowSubset A RowSubset which uses an algebraic expression based on the values of other columns in the same row to decide whether a row is included or not.
SyntheticSubsetQueryWindow A dialogue window which queries the user for the characteristics of a new Row Subset and then appends it to the subsets list.
TableColumnModelAdapter Convenience adapter class which implements the TableColumnModelListener interface.
TableLoadDialogWindow Window to contain a single TableLoadDialog.
TablesListComboBox ComboBox which tracks the current contents of the ControlWindow's list of tables.
TableViewerWindow Browser window for viewing the data in a table.
TextItemPanel Panel that presents name-value pairs to the user, where the values are short or medium-length strings.
ToggleButtonModel Provides all information about a toggle button.
TopcatCodec1 Original TopcatCodec implementation.
TopcatCodec2 Second version of TopcatCodec implementation.
TopcatConeSearchDialog ConeSearchDialog subclass customised for use with TOPCAT.
TopcatEvent Describes an event which a TopcatListener may be interested in.
TopcatExtApp ExtApp implementation for TOPCAT.
TopcatForwarder TopcatListener implementation which forwards events to other TopcatListeners.
TopcatJELRowReader Random JELRowReader with which recognises some expressions in addition to those of the superclass.
TopcatJELUtils This class provides some utility methods for use with the JEL expression compiler.
TopcatLoadClient Load client implementation which loads tables into TOPCAT.
TopcatModel Defines all the state for the representation of a given table as viewed by TOPCAT.
TopcatModelSelectionTable Supplies a TableModel which can be displayed and interacted with by a user to select one or more TopcatModels from the currently loaded list.
TopcatPreparation TablePreparation implementation that can store and retrieve information about the serialization format from which each table was loaded.
TopcatSender Object capable of sending a table location to a running TOPCAT instance.
TopcatSiapTableLoadDialog SiapTableLoadDialog subclass customised for use with TOPCAT.
TopcatSsapTableLoadDialog SsapTableLoadDialog subclass customised for use with TOPCAT.
TopcatTapTableLoadDialog TapTableLoadDialog subclass customised for use with TOPCAT.
TopcatUtils Class containing miscellaneous static methods and constants for use in TOPCAT.
TopcatWindowAction<W extends JFrame> TopcatToolAction implementation that instantiates a window of a given class when invoked.
TupleSelector Component which allows the user to select table columns corresponding to a given set of the tuple elements required for a given array of column metadata descriptions.
UpDownButton A toggle button whose representation switches between an up arrow (true) and a down arrow (false).
UploadAdqlExample Provides some ADQL examples showing how TOPCAT TAP uploads work.
UrlOptions Defines an action that consumes a URL.
UrlPanel Displays a URL and options for invoking it.
Version Comparable class which can compare version strings.
ViewerTableModel A TableModel which is based on a StarTable but also provides methods for ordering rows and selecting which rows will be visible.
WeakTopcatListener TopcatListener implementation which wraps another one but only retains a weak reference to it.
WindowAction An Action which controls display of a window.
WindowToggle ToggleButtonModel subclass that will lazily create and show/hide a window.

Enum Summary
ResourceType Defines different kinds of resources that can be at the end of a URL.
Safety Characterises a security risk.

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