Class RateMap

  extended by
      extended by
          extended by

public class RateMap
extends Mapping

Java interface to the AST RateMap class - mapping which represents differentiation. A RateMap is a Mapping which represents a single element of the Jacobian matrix of another Mapping. The Mapping for which the Jacobian is required is specified when the new RateMap is created, and is referred to as the "encapsulated Mapping" below.

The number of inputs to a RateMap is the same as the number of inputs to its encapsulated Mapping. The number of outputs from a RateMap is always one. This one output equals the rate of change of a specified output of the encapsulated Mapping with respect to a specified input of the encapsulated Mapping (the input and output to use are specified when the RateMap is created).

A RateMap which has not been inverted does not define an inverse transformation. If a RateMap has been inverted then it will define an inverse transformation but not a forward transformation.


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Mapping.Interpolator, Mapping.Spreader
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Constructor Summary
RateMap(Mapping map, int ax1, int ax2)
          Create a RateMap.
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decompose, getInvert, getNin, getNout, getReport, getTranForward, getTranInverse, invert, linearApprox, mapBox, mapSplit, rate, rebin, rebinD, rebinF, rebinI, resample, resampleB, resampleD, resampleF, resampleI, resampleL, resampleS, setInvert, setReport, simplify, tran1, tran2, tranGrid, tranN, tranP
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Constructor Detail


public RateMap(Mapping map,
               int ax1,
               int ax2)
Create a RateMap.

map - Pointer to the encapsulated Mapping.
ax1 - Index of the output from the encapsulated Mapping for which the rate of change is required. This corresponds to the delta quantity forming the numerator of the required element of the Jacobian matrix. The first axis has index 1.
ax2 - Index of the input to the encapsulated Mapping which is to be varied. This corresponds to the delta quantity forming the denominator of the required element of the Jacobian matrix. The first axis has index 1.
AstException - if an error occurred in the AST library

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